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OSeMOSYS Global is an open-source, open-data model generator for creating global electricity system models. The model generator is freely available and can be used to create interconnected electricity system models for both the entire globe and for any geographically diverse subset of the globe. Compared to other existing global models, OSeMOSYS Global allows for full user flexibility in determining the time slice structure and geographic scope of the model and datasets, and is built using the fully open-source OSeMOSYS energy system model.

Data Availability

All input datasets for the OSeMOSYS Global model are available from openly licensed sources as identified in the OSeMOSYS Global GitHub repository. Data generated for the figures and analysis in this article can bereplicated using version 0.4.0 of OSeMOSYS Global and modifying the configuration file accordingly.

Code Availability

All code for OSeMOSYS Global is provided in a public GitHub repository under a MIT license and can be freely used, modified, and reused. Instructions on how to run OSeMOSYS Global can be found on the repository. While a basic understanding of Python and OSeMOSYS will be beneficial, it is not required to run the workflow. All users and readers are invited to contribute to OSeMOSYS Global following the contribution guidelines outlined on the repository.

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